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Natural Color sand, Sintered sand, Vermiculite, Mica, Silica Sand, Rock Slice
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  •  The composite rock slice is an indispensable raw material of the granite coating. It can be mixed with a variety of water-based real stone paints in a certain proportion to become a high-grade granite coating. Granite coatings can achieve the effect of natural granite with simple construction technology, breaking through the difficulty of colorful real stone paint construction. The color of the composite rock is made up of inorganic materials, size and color all depends on the shape and color of the natural granules. It is composed of 1-12mm soft and irregular slices. The composite rock slice is synthesized by high molecular polymer, weather resistant, and can be closely combined with various water-based stone paints.

    Main colors:

    Chrysanthemum yellow, bright yellow, rust yellow, apricot yellow, orange yellow, light yellow, milk gold ephedra, light red, pearl red, bright red, brick red, coral red, orange red, light gray, green mountain gray, dark gray, China black, cloud white, deep coffee, coffee, light green, emerald,  dark green, etc. (can be customized according to customer requirements and sample color)

    Regular size: 1-3MM, 3-5MM, 5-8MM (can be customized).


    1. All colors are completely made according to the particle size and color of natural granite, natural and realistic.

    2. Particularly excellent water resistance and weather resistance.

    3. Particularly excellent adhesion, can be tightly combined with water-based acrylic resin.

    4. Can be mixed with various water-based stone paint, does not fade, does not affect the performance of the original paint.

    5. Turn ordinary stone paint into high-grade granite paint.


    How to use

    Add the composite rock slice to the natural stone paint in a certain ratio (according to the color particle content in the natural granite stone), and stir evenly at a medium speed for 5-10 minutes, using a stone paint spray gun (nozzle diameter 6-8mm, spray gun outlet pressure 7-8kg) /cm3 or above) single shot and single hole can spray colorful granite (flamed surface) stone effect. Due to the difference in viscosity of each stone paint, the fluidity of the paint should be properly adjusted to achieve better results. The construction process of granite paint is the same as that of natural stone paint; it can also be applied by batch coating according to engineering needs. The best choice for construction tools is stainless steel knife in order to achieve better results.

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