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  • Our factory is located in the Taihang mountains, extremely rich mineral resources. The formation is ancient metamorphic rock which is rich in mica mineral.

    According to the department of geological exploration, Lingshou crushed mica reserves of 1.7 million tons, high ore grade, good quality, is the nation's largest crushed mica origin.Meanwhile, due to earlier development, Lingshou become the country's largest mica processing base and the largest exporter of mica. Mica types are: white mica, biotite, Calcined mica, phlogopite, Sericite, synthetic mica etc..

    Production technology of mica: dry mica,Wet mica, Calcined mica and Synthetic mica.

    White mica (Muscovite) is also called the ordinary mica, potassium mica or mica, is one type of the mica mineral. White mica is a good electric insulation and heat insulation, and it can produce a lot. So it is of important economic value. It originated in metamorphic rocks, but also from granite rocks, etc. White mica, not just white, it can be a pale brown, green, and red to colorless, with glass luster to the silky sheen. Shape for large plate, the Six-party crystal or fine aggregate.


    White mica with high dielectric strength and larger resistance, low dielectric loss and arc resistance, corona resistance and other excellent dielectric properties, and the quality of a material is solid, high mechanical strength, resistance to high temperature and rapid changes in temperature and has good physical and chemical properties such as resistance to acid and alkali.

    Product use

    Widely used in radio industry, aerospace industry, machine manufacturing, it is also widely used in coatings, paints, plastics, linoleum, paper making, oil field drilling, decorative cosmetics and other industries, can reduce the ultraviolet ray in the paint or other light and heat damage to the paint film, increase the coating of acid, alkali and electrical insulating properties, improve the frost resistance of the coating, corrosion resistance, toughness and density, reduce the permeability of the coating, prevent spots and cracks. Mica powder can also be used in roof material, the waterproof heat preservation, heat insulation, etc., mica powder mixed with mineral wool resin coating, can be used as concrete, stone, brick external wall adornment effect, mica used linoleum, slurry pipeline, cementing agent; In rubber products, mica powder can be used as lubricant, remover, and high intensity electric insulation and heat resistance, resistance to acid and alkali products filling agent. Mica can do mica paper, mica plate, mica ceramic, pearl mica pigments, mica fused cast products, etc.

    Physical properties

    Chemical components

    Wet mica powder is made of high quality of mica raw material, after washing, removing impurity, soak, rolling grinding, low temperature drying and screening, then made a high-quality mineral filler. Its unique production process make the product of maximum retained the mica flake structure and large diameter-thick ratio, high refractive index, high purity, high whiteness, high gloss, low sand iron content in industrial features, these features can't be matched by dry process. Wet mica powder's unique performance is greatly improved in the plastic (engineering plastics such as PA66, PPR pipe), paint (corrosion), the application of rubber and other industries, to improve product performance and cost reduction has a significant effect.

    Product indicators

    Chemical components

    Physical index

    Product Specification

    Calcined mica, also known as dehydration mica, with constant temperature calcining technology makes mica crystals in partial crystallization water out. Our company uses rotary kiln fire in place to ensure that the material is heated evenly. Bandung calcined mica has stable quality, bright color, product application performance improvement and applicable to building decoration, electronic insulation, special welding, etc.

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