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Natural Color sand, Sintered sand, Vermiculite, Mica, Silica Sand, Rock Slice
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    Natural color sand is made of marble or granite ore through selection, crushing, grinding, grading, and packaging processes.

    Color List:

    Black series: Chinese Black/Crystal Black/Taihang Black, etc.

    Gray series: Gray Jade/Lividity/Grey, etc.

    Red series: Chinese Red/Cherry Red/Orange/Taihang Red/Liver Red/Lingshan Red/Pink/Poppy Red /Dot Red /Coffee Red/ Quarzite Rosa diamante, etc.

    Yellow Series: Chrysanthemum Yellow/Topaz Yellow/Golden Yellow/Fraction Yellow/Cream-colored Yellow /Floor Yellow /Tiger Skin Yellow/True Floor Yellow/Medium Yellow/The new Medium Yellow, etc.

    Green series: Fruit-green /Prairie Green /Lime green /Phoenix green /Evergreen, etc.

    Purple series: Purple coffee/ Violet, etc.

    White series: Snow White /White marble /Texture round sand,etc.

    Features of Natural Color Sand:

    The color of Natural color sand comes from nature. Natural color sand is made from broken Natural stone, do not contain any pigment, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, sun, don't change color, etc.

    Specifications of Color Sand:

    3-4 mesh 4-6 mesh 6-10 mesh 10-20 mesh 20-40 mesh 40-80 mesh 80-120 mesh 120-180 mesh 200 mesh (Could be customized according to customer request)

    Main applications:

    Architectural decoration, terrazzo aggregate, really stone paint, color sand coating, sand bath decoration, seaweed, etc. Natural color sand can be used to make artificial marble, floor tile, ceramic tile, decorative sanitary ware, etc. And has the advantages of luster, smooth, hard and wear-resistant. Natural color sand can make new exterior stone paint, embossing, sandstone and other products. Advanced spray coating which is made of natural color sand has features like non-toxic, tasteless, bright luster, soft, high stereo sense, etc. The floor and road which paved with the multicolored stone laid can beautify the environment and also good for health of the body.

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