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the real stone paint formula
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Emulsion content: small and medium manufacturers have 10 spots, 12-14 large manufacturers. Latex manufacturers find their own, test indicators: made of slurry finished glass scraps, check the water resistant white. Make real stone paint spray board, bake dry and shade dry contrast, finished products into oven heat storage, finished products into refrigerator freeze-thaw.


Cellulose: cellulose must be selected on top of HEC, some manufacturers in order to save costs, HPMC, paint workers are also ashamed, test indicators: melted cellulose pulp directly add water resistant emulsion, compare the water resistance of cellulose. Then look at the foamability, real stone paint construction, a little bit of micro-foam construction will be better.


Inorganic thickening: The selection range is very large, which can improve the smoothness and thixotropy of real stone paint construction, and increase the storage stability of real stone paint. The sacrifice is the water resistance and transparency of real stone paint.


Dispersant: generally using ammonium salt dispersant, water resistance will be better, as to why to add dispersant, veteran workers did a lot of experiments at that time, adding a certain amount of dispersant can effectively reduce the probability of true stone paint blossom. Now the color sand has a very large powder content and poor strength, so we have to consider the color development of real stone paint. Although it has some influence on water resistance, it relatively improves the anti-blooming ability of the whole real stone paint product.


Multifunctional: Do not explain, some use 95, some use ammonia water, can be, but attention should be paid to the amount of addition, less the true state of gypsum paint, add more to the true color of the storage has a certain change.


Fungicides: No explanation


Thickener: Alkali swelling or polyurethane, or a combination of both. Or not. This is to cooperate with cellulose, improve the real thickening system, and more effectively improve the overall construction type.

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