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From the real stone paint formula, color sand rati
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Real stone color matching


1, sample color matching.


Referring to the effect map, the color cards, color cards, and color matching are the simplest. They can be adjusted according to the basic matching of their products. Generally, monochrome is the main color. Whether coarse (20-40 or 10-20) grains are added to sand mining according to customer's requirements or not. Generally light color is adjusted by adding 80-120 color sand according to the basic proportion (including white marble or titanium dioxide pulp, do not understand the previous article). Many people have asked the veteran painter that adding 80-120 color sand will have many small particles, adding 120-160 color sand into it will be pure and low cost. The veteran worker asks you that you want to be beautiful. The color pure point cost is lower or the probability of wall blossom is higher. Then how to solve it. One is to negotiate with customers. Whether it is acceptable or not, 90% of the old painters who come into contact with so many customers can accept it. Second, guide customers to add 20-40 color sand, after all, the probability of pure color blossom is higher than that of hemp.



Referring to the sample, this kind of color is demanding and complicated. Even if you bring back the formula, you should adjust it.


Firstly, add 1 kg small sample scraper board, so that the drying time is short and the speed of change is fast. According to the color contrast, the color sand can be adjusted. 90% of the acquaintance can be matched with a medium sample, generally 3-5 kg. For example, if you want a sample, you can prepare 3 kg material to adjust the middle sample directly.



Matters needing attention,


Customers want a sample, color matching is done in two pieces, one customer, one sample, one sample brush general transparent topcoat, formula stub, sample material to retain 1 kg, template with calcium silicate board, this material is the closest to the wall, casually speaking, several kinds of floor on the market, PVC board, now used a lot of light, not fragile, very serious. The disadvantage is that it does not absorb water. The color of the PVC board will be different from the wall. Medium fibre board is wood board, which is light in material and not easy to break. The disadvantage is that the color of the model is easy to yellowish, and the water is not visible.



2, production color matching.


In the production of color mixing, the base sand and coarse (10-20 and 20-40 and 40-80) granular color sand are added according to the formula of retaining samples. The color sand of 80-120 is reserved for 20-30%. When the mixing is uniform and the material on the production machine is 1kg, and the color sand sample is reserved in the workshop, the color sand is reserved in the workshop according to the proportion. When the color of the scraper is over 90% after drying, 90% of the sample proportion is added to the workshop production equipment. Here, why only 90% is added? A little error in mixing small samples in the laboratory will enlarge the production in the workshop. Then the wetting effect of mixing real stone paint with mixing equipment is better than that of manual mixing in the laboratory. You can't use small dispersant in the laboratory for 1 kg, so you usually add small proportion to the production in the workshop. When the color sand enters, it is suggested that the positive and negative rotation should be 15 minutes each. Sampling spraying board, referring to the original sample dry board, the spraying board has the same construction effect and thickness. After drying, contrast with the original. The first batch is used as a model for each batch.


Matters needing attention,


If the original sample is dried naturally, the production of color matching must be dried naturally. If the sample drying board is dried in the constant temperature drying box, the production of color matching board should also be dried in the constant temperature drying box.

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