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Natural Color sand, Sintered sand, Vermiculite, Mica, Silica Sand, Rock Slice
(1) comprehensive analysis is made from the formul
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Color sand ratio:
1. Normal ratio:

40-80:80-120 =1:1

This ratio is slightly worse in construction, and much less in real stone paint and less in fly sand. However, due to the pressure of environmental protection and increasing demand, the passing rate of 40-80 GB screen is generally not high, 70-85%. Therefore, the content of silt is relatively high, can be adjusted according to the prior sand, such as silt content in 20%, 40-80:80-120 = 1.2:1.

2, slightly rough ratio:


This ratio is very good in construction. The material is larger than the genuine lacquer and is larger than the fly sand.

3, the ratio of burned noodles.


This ratio is made by burning the noodles, and can be adjusted by reference to this large proportion. The construction requirements are relatively high, and the spraying method adopts large outlet air pressure. Similar to the relief bone paste spraying method. This ratio is normal and the viscosity of the real stone paint is thinning.
4. Ultrafine ratio:


This ratio is more common than the genuine lacquer of the Suzuka. This ratio should be noted that the amount of emulsion must be increased, or the ratio of the whole stone slurry can be increased. Paint veterans have not been clear, this ratio is made of boards are very beautiful, very flat, but few of the site construction done well. The model can be constructed with the minimum number of gun heads, but the construction of the large area site, the smallest sprinkler is unrealistic.
The proportion of the whole color sand is adjusted according to the above ratio. There is a reference to the sample, there is no reference to the above 1 or 2 ratio. Properly adjusted, this can basically guarantee the whole sand and dosage of genuine lacquer.

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